We are a team of young and creative brains. We have come together working hard to make our clients successful in all aspects. We are thorough professional with commitment and dedication. We reach out to support and fulfil the dreams of the clients.


pencil peel is a one stop solution provider for all your multiple requirements that partners with you to scale up your business to great heights. Extend assistance to our clients in PR Work, making of Ad Film. Corporate vedios, Brand Promotion, Movie Promotion, Digital Marketing, Model Coordination, Movie Audio Events, Fashion Shows, Celebrity Management, Web Design and Development, Fashion & Wedding Photography, Indoor & Outdoor Publicity.

  We at the Pencil Peel reflect the upward growing trend in the market. We take along our clients giving them the taste of success and growth. From the insignificant or normal stage to the top place we carry our clients forward in every step. We are also the best for the StartUps as we guide them and help them grow step by stem steadily.

We provide Good Publicity for our clients. Publicity is what that takes you to the targeted sections of the people. We are the best in taking you close to the people using the media and other platforms of publicity. We generate news about our clients from time to time in the media that would take the company to the people.

We also carry out Product Promotion for better results. The product has to reach the people and its name should become familiar to the people. It is then people would try and accept it. It applies to the films. The film, its plot, cast and other crew are to be known to the people. Only then, they wait for the film. We provide that brand image building. We undertake intensive campaign to promote the product/film and create acceptance among the people. We build positive image for the product even before it reaches the market.

We stand for Your Success. We, at the Pencil Peel are different in relating ourselves with the clients. We shoulder the responsibility of success. Our relationship with the clients grows as their success grows. We make our clients’ dreams come true. We work for their dreams. We compete with others in the market only to keep our clients on the top with success. We utilise every way, every opportunity to introduce our clients and their products in the market. We apply every form of publicity to ensure success to our clients. That is what makes Pencil Peel different from others.

A huge stone turns into a beautiful statue through skilful and careful carving and it attracts the people. Every eye looks for something different, attractive and creative. We carve and develop your company that draws the attention of every eye.


We are governed by five principles that always measure our work. They are:

Head Office

Flot No: 99, Manikonda, Hyderabad, Telangana.

Email: pencilpeelone@gmail.com

+91 9848124847, WhatsApp : +91 8106929326

About Pencil Peel

Pencil Peel is the Best Place to Promote your Movie, Company, Products and Organizations in Social Media and Outdoor Platforms. It's very easy for us to create your company website and your ads with our Creative Staff. Come and Join with us. Will together travel for our success.
Pencil Peel is the Best Place to Promote your Movie, Company, Products and Organizations in Social Media and Outdoor Platforms