Website Lead Generation:

The website is a portal that can be used to inform the world about our business or about our organization and our organization. In the modern era of changing age, we all know how computer usage has increased. - At a time when the world is locked in the web, we need to be different to be identified and it is here we help you have your own identity on web. - Many prominent companies use the website to market their businesses. And also it is a place on world wide web, which contains combination of web pages. We design your web that reflects your taste and protects your identity. We build and develop it as you desire.

Pencil Peel’s star principle is to design client’s website for achieving and ensuring Brand Awareness, Deeper Engagement, Increasing Conversions and High Brand Loyalty. “Please count on our experience and bank on our competence”.

Generally, we use Two Types of Main Website Layouts:

    Static Website.

    Responsive Website.

We work on Two Types of Websites, one is Static and Another One is Responsive.

Types of Websites:





    Marketing / Business


    Online Social Network





    Content Aggregator

    Web Application

    Mobile App


    E – Commerce.

Website Lead Generation:

    Content Strategy

    SEO Strategy

    Promotion Strategy

    Conversion Strategy

    Analytics Strategy.

The Website is very useful for the expansion of our Business in this age of internet usage. We search for the Internet for every purpose, the service we are offering at this time, our business details and our company’s marketing. Having a website means customers are always able to find you – anytime.

Uses of Having Own Website:

    Online Presence 24/7

    Information Exchange.


    Market Expansion.


    Good interactive.

    Less Expensive

    Best Advertising.

    Increase Customers.

    Easy Accessibility.

    Better Relationship.

    Increase Sales.

    Mobile Friendly

    Easy way to Social Media Marketing.

    Reach Customers Very Easily.

Head Office

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About Pencil Peel

Pencil Peel is the Best Place to Promote your Movie, Company, Products and Organizations in Social Media and Outdoor Platforms. It's very easy for us to create your company website and your ads with our Creative Staff. Come and Join with us. Will together travel for our success.
Pencil Peel is the Best Place to Promote your Movie, Company, Products and Organizations in Social Media and Outdoor Platforms