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We at the Pencil Peel are one of the South India’s best company that belives in promotion of the film with the same spirit and dedication that the producer and director puts in. The success of the film partially banks on the successful conduct of the publicity campaign and we are the best in such well-planned and perfectly executed campaigners.

For every film, pre-production publicity is the key for its success. Timely promotion of the film during the production, planning events to promote the film at different stages is all what is required to be a hit at the big screen after the release. The hit feeling has to be built and maintained with the same tempo to make the film a success and we are the best at it. The success of the film depends on the press releases, press conferences, interviews, advertising campaigns from time to time. Films, besides providing entertainment, are key players of a comfortable and profitable business. We generate movie reviews at every stage of the movie and make them viral in the social media. We understand this and provide the required promotion for the film living upto the expectations of the makers.

Film is one of the sectors that influences the society. The hard work of the crew of the 24 crafts who form part of the film is key to success. But this hard work has to be projected with the same spirit and dedication. We become part of a film right from its planning and travel along every one till the end helping the director, producer and others in bringing the best product and marketing it. We provide assistance in distribution to ensure the safe and successful journey of the movie.

The expectations and the aspirations of the directors, producers, actors and other crew on the success of the film forms our basic objective with which we build our work. As film PRO, we at the Pencil Peel, are part of several films right from their beginning. A PRO, who has the passion for the films and is part of the film from its planning stage would only be able to carryout the publicity campaign work with the same commitment and spirit. As we have said earlier, Pencil Peel would be part of the crew planning for its promotion at every state of its making.

We carry on the film promotion in all our activities like Fashion Shows, Road Shows, Brand Promotions, besides others. The film with which partner for promotion reflects in every activity that we as Pencil Peel takes up and thus minimises the publicity risk of the producer.

A right theme, a right direction and right timing are very important for the success of the film. A right PR is also equally important for the success of the film and we at the Pencil Peel are the right PR for the film promotion.


In an era where we depend on internet for everything, the campaign or promotion through internet is an important aspect. We do undertake this campaign thorugh the social media like facebook, twitter, youtube, linkedin and instgram.

Promotion of any film online is expensive. We at the Pencil Peel take up thisand ensure that the reaches the global viewers. We make the film reach the global audiences making best use of the social media campaigns.

Film poster is the first face of the film and it speaks about the film and takes the film close to the audiences. This film poster has to be unique and build a positive image for the film and we at the Pencil Peel are best in bringing out such innovative and creative forms of film posters to lay the foundation for its success in the future.

We are strong at promoting the films through:

• Onset publicity and still promotions
• Behind the scenes, still and video promotions
• Special on-set interviews
• Digital and printed publicity
• Teaser and trailer promotions
• Film posters

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About Pencil Peel

Pencil Peel is the Best Place to Promote your Movie, Company, Products and Organizations in Social Media and Outdoor Platforms. It's very easy for us to create your company website and your ads with our Creative Staff. Come and Join with us. Will together travel for our success.
Pencil Peel is the Best Place to Promote your Movie, Company, Products and Organizations in Social Media and Outdoor Platforms